Pictures Paints Millions of Words

Scanned vast collection of photographs - pictures of my life. For every photograph scanned there is always a story to tell - as far as we can remember. This is dedicated to telling stories behind the scanned pictures.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Parents

My Mother
At Ayer Mawang July 1957
Jan 1956 - 4 months before I was born
In my Father's Police Uniform
My father was born in the same house where I was born, in Kampong Eyor, Ayer Mawang, Johol, Negeri Sembilan. He is supposed to be a royalty from Pahang (which we never invesigated). Went to school until Standard 5 and was a Policeman all his life. My young father in his Uniform
My mother was a Chinese convert. The story goes - she was a runaway and my father found here in Kuala Pilah; not well. He took her to Kuala Pilah Hospital, took care of her and when she was well, took her home to my grandmother's house; who converted her to muslim and married my father at the tender age of 15. I was born when she was 16! After Hajj

According to unconfirmed stories, my grandfather was saved from Pahang. Brought to Negeri Sembilan by friends who do not wish him to be killed by some people due to royalty heritage. Originally he came from Lingga Island in the Riau Archipelago in Indonesia.
My Grandfather
My father with his friend at Muzium Negara in the 70s, while serving the Police force with the 'Kereta Peronda' team.
My 17 year old mother - photographed on 19JAN1957

Little is known about my grandmother's life. My grandmother - sitting down My mother - with her sister
At Tugu Peringatan My mother - with her sister One of the rare family photos - taken on 21APR1975

Tunku Munawir School

I was registered to start Standard 1 in Sekolah Kebangsaan Senaling (on the way to Bemban). However, Ulong Sulaiman saw the need for me to be English educated like him; and alas I was sent to Tunku Munawir School in Kuala Pilah.

Had a lot of problems registering me in Tunku Munawir, however Ulong Leman managed to see through the problems (as my father is away in KL - so the problem registering anak sekolah). Ulong Leman had to 'bend' rules - I remembered this and am fortunate and thankful for that.
Ulong Leman - Sulaiman bin Mohd Zain (September 1964)

So I started Standard 1, with Mr Baskaran as my Form Teacher. Standard 2, was Miss Lee (became Mrs during the year). I could not recall my Class Teachers for Standard 3, 4 or 5. However, in Standard 6, Mr Chen Chee Ting took us through the last year in primary school.
I played in the school percussion band, taken care of by Miss Lee (our Std 2 teacher).
This was 1964 (according to photo owner)
Performing at the "Kuala Pilah Padang"
We were in Standard 4 - 1966
We performed again at 'Kuala Pilah Padang' in 1965
This was Standard 5 - 1967

On 31st August 2007, we had a reunion for all (from 1963 to 1973), even thought I left TMS after From 1. Nevertheless, old friends from primary school were all there; except the girls (who joined TMS in Form 4) 31st August 2007 - after 40 years (for me)
[And they created web site & Forum - thanx to FnD and the rest]
At this is the smaller (normally frequently organised) gathering at Datin Norsimah's house at Tropicana (June 2008)

I have yet to go back to my old house in Kampong Senaling - to look, rumage and scan my old young and schooling photos (if there are any still). When? When? When?

It is easy to stand and take notice; the hard part is to get up and do it! Soon! Soon! Soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Black & White Days

On 11th May 1956 @ 1:05 am, I was born to a 16 year old mother. Apparently my grandmother and my father discussed on whether to pay 'fitrah' for me or not as I was born on the eve of Syawal. Just to make sure, they decided to pay my 'fitrah' for the year. It was in this house, where I first saw the light of day. Kampong Eyor, Ayer Mawang, Johol, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The 'town centre' was Ayer Mawang, about 3 kilometres from where I was born. According to locals, this small town has not changed since then.

Dad was a Policeman at Kuala Pilah Police Station. Mum was also working (after pantang) as an Assistant Constable (during the confrontation). When they go to work, being still an infant; I was left to be cared for by an old couple in Kampong Senaling (lies 4 km from Kuala Pilah on the way to work). Dad was transferred to Batang Berjuntai, in Selangor; and I was left to be cared for by the old couple. Then starts the childhood live. This was the house; H28A Kampong Senaling, Kuala Pilah; where I was brought up, raised by the old couple; Tuan Haji Yusof Sulaiman and his wife; Rumai binti Munap. As the years passed, their grandchildren, Abah Rahman and Kak Ngah Zainab (who also have their own children) raised me until I was 13. Kampong Senaling, Kuala Pilah has been as it is since then! These are the few childhood photos that I have My Atok Usop, carrying Anin (Zamri)
Myself, Ina (Zarina) and Rosli (from KL) Cheeky Me Another one of me I was with Urad (now living in SS2)
Kak Ngah Zainab carrying Anin, Abang Baseri, Ulong Leman (now living in SS2)
Myself, Ina (Zarina) and Rosli (Baseri's brother)

"The Budak Senaling young life"

Trying to put up 'my life' in the other blogg : Had one written. Trying to keep up with the stories, for the next generations to come, to know their father, grand father and hopefully great grand father.